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You are obligated to sign in with Facebook

There is no other way to get in or even get a mere preview of the app without being forced to sign into Facebook. There is no other way to get in the app. I don’t care if “oh we won’t collect your information” and “oh it’s safe you just have to verify-“. No. I don’t want anything about me involved with social media nonsense. I don’t even have Facebook. Waste of time, had to delete the app. And it’s expensive as hell.

Overpriced. Underwhelming.

This app resubscribes you to a 6 month trial for $42, right out of the gate. Which I would have NEVER purchased. I am not on my phone much and admittedly made the mistake of deleting the subscription rather than just the app. Even still, I could understand accidentally paying the price of one month, but six? And honestly, I would never pay for a month, so much as a day. I only used the app for three days of the trial period. And every time I would open the app, it would ask me to completely register from scratch, not saving any information. It would then glitch and close the app when I would try to open a workout. Not worth $4, let alone $42. That’s BS.


Haven’t a hard time canceling payment


you have to do a monthly subscription after the first workout.

Charged on the 7th day of the trial.

I went to cancel the free trial I had for 7 days and I had already been charged. I would like my money back please I never wanted to pay $41.99 for it after the free trial. The app was not what I was looking for and it didn’t tell much that I already don’t do now.

No Way to Cancel Subscription

You’re automatically set up for the ‘Premium’ subscription when you do the free trial. No other option. After seeing the reviews and that it’s going to charge my card without any warning after the free trial, I tried to cancel mine but there is no way to! There’s no button to cancel only saying that it’s possible to cancel. No worth the money, the food guide isn’t helpful and confusing. Don’t do this app!

Canceling subscription

I’m trying to make sure I’m not charged and I’m unable to do so. I’ve deleted the app. Please help!

My workout

Thank you for this app.. I love it!! It so knowledgeable and I love to see the work out where I need it the most!! Keep it up

Info please

On my free trial but how much is it and it a one time fee or a monthly payment

Needs more instructions

I’m enjoying the app so far but there have been a few exercises that didn’t make sense just based on the graphic. An option to select more information before starting the day’s exercises would be nice. Also, being able to actually track the meals eaten rather than just a menu to look at. I love that it has the recipe provided for the meals, being able to build a favorites list of recipes would be awesome! After reading other reviews, I checked out the billing and it does seem pricey for what is offered ($10/mo). Mine had the 6-month automatic $42 subscription selected already, so that would have been a crappy surprise. That does lower the price by $3/mo though, so I can see the benefit and will likely leave it that way. An earlier warning about the price would be good though, I’ve seen other apps put the subscription prices in the app description, so people don’t feel deceived when their account is automatically charged. The app itself is beautiful and I like the target areas. Some of the meal choices are a little different haha, you guys must really enjoy livers! 😁

Subscription renewal

I didn’t want to renew the subscription since the app hardly works and takes so long to load and half the time during the free trial didn’t open


I cannot figure out how to cancel my subscription. Cannot find the option under settings in the app and also cannot find a phone number to contact them at all before I’m charged for the app!!!

A Real Scam!!!!

I didn’t really get a chance to use the trail so I decided to do the subscription under the impression that it would be $9.99 a month however that was not the case it instantly charged me $45.99 I have only had the service 3 weeks and have been charged a total of $223.91 I have requested a refund and still waiting on a response! Outside of the generator of this app ripping me off the app is pretty cool and actually might be effective but I can’t get past that much money being charged for a app so it ruined everything that was good about the app DONT BUY


How do I delete the app and keep it from charging me?

Tried my hardest to get a refund but no avail

Apple would not give me a refund for the $42 subscription charge they charge you after your free trial. The app would crash on me too so I deleted it within the first 30 minutes of using it (if that). I failed to cancel my free trial however and was charged $42. I’m very upset that no one from Apple can seem to give me my money back, so if you try this app and it doesn’t work for you, make sure you cancel the subscription before it renews. Absolutely gutted.

Not Happy

I tried this app on trial and didn’t want it for 41.99. Canceled and it still charged my account. I’m not happy.

Cancelling my subscription

Im trying to cancel my subscription and I’m having issues doing that!!!!


How can I cancel my subscription!!! They tell you to cancel within 7 day trial to not get charged but there I no cancel subscription button to be found on the app and I email support and haven’t gotten a reply. Is this how they get you??! I mean cool work outs but once you get charged they say no refunds at all.

Cannot cancel subscription

There are directions to cancel subscriptions , but there is no user account to turn off auto-renewal until after the purchase goes through. What a rip off. I’ve tired the program and I decided it wasn’t for me and now I would like to cancel. But I cannot. Do not download!!!

7 Day Trial Scam

They hook you in with trial, but nearly impossible to figure out how to cancel so they can conveniently charge you because you didn’t cancel before. Help, how do I cancel?!

Glitch — UPDATE!

Every time I open it, I have to reenter my info, and when I do that, it says I’m not connected to an internet source and I am. Update: The glitch was fixed, but apparently you have to pay $10 a month to continue exercising after day ONE! That’s not beneficial for people like me who don’t have $10 a month to waste on an app when there are other FREE alternatives. Very disappointed. If you’re looking for a free app to help you work toward your body goals, Ab Workout and Butt Workout art great!

No warning of automatic renewal.

I started the free trial and only agreed to it because I was under the impression that if I didn’t cancel it then it would be $9.99 a month. As soon as I went in today (the last day of my trial) to cancel it, the app had already charged $41.99 to my account. I called apple to try to get it refunded but apparently this app is not eligible for refund. If they are going to automatically charge for the entire 6-month value, instead of $9.99 a month, then an e-mail or pop-up notification would have been nice to give me a reminder that the trial was ending. I’m not saying the app is bad, because I actually like it, but there are many other apps out there that give you a warning that your trial is ending and you will be charged, or they just close you out of the app features once the trial is up. I feel like I’ve been scammed so beware of that when you download this app.

Seeking Application Help

There is no way to sign in other than FaceBook which is a problem. I’ve had the application out for two weeks I paid $59.99 for a year and application is not working to its full potential. Every time i use the app, all my data is reset and I have to input my information once more. Is there anyone/any support for someone to help me? I will change my stars when I am helped and the application is working properly, thank you.


The diet aspect is neat. The app gives you a full outline of what to eat for the day. It would be better if there was a weekly grocery list option though. It’s difficult to go through each day individually and compile the needed groceries for the meals.


How do I cancel my trial? I DO NOT WANT TO RENEW. And I cant find it anywhere !!!


How can I cancel my subscription, I no longer need the app.

Kept me on track

I had a hard time staying off my phone, and being productive, but this app helped remind me when to workout and what exactly I can do to get my problem areas worked on

Unable to even use

So I just downloaded the app, got the full access pass and now it won’t let me log in. Keeps saying my internet won’t connect. This is the only app I am having “internet issues” with. Please fix

Doesn’t work

This app literally doesn’t even work on my phone (iPhone 7 plus fully updated). I would have liked to have tried it out at least but it won’t link to my Facebook, won’t load my personal page, won’t pull up personalized diet, and just all around doesn’t work. Don’t waste money on this.

Nothing loads

I want to cancel my subscription .Nothing is loading.

crashed every time

it took my payment and then never worked again

It’s not working

It is saying no internet connection so I can’t do my workouts!!!

Basic AF

Meals are basic and unimpressive. You can find similar workout videos/exercises on YouTube or other apps without having to pay a fee. Everything is pretty basic. I put my goal to put on weight, and I don’t think eating 1200 calories a day is going to do that. Not worth $$. However, you can try it out without accepting the 7-day trial.

Connection error

I couldn’t even use the app because it kept saying connection error when I had full bars. So sad

I’m sure the exercises would work well if the app worked

WHATS WRONG WITH YOUR APP?!?! I can’t get past day 4 because it’s says no network connection? I had to reinstall twice and start over twice and all three times I can’t even through a week of workouts? I paid money for an app to not work?

Most expensive one time app ever!

I paid for the premium membership because I figured I’d use it often... went to do my workouts today and all the app does is crash. It keeps trying to make me sign in and every time I do it tells me it can’t but doesn’t tell me why and I know my password is correct.


Tried to download and even purchase but the app was full of glitches and basically unusable.


So i went to check my banking app and saw that you guys charged me 50 bucks. I never received a heads up or an email. But thats not all, i went to login to my account because i was logged out of it, so i could unsubscribe, and it wouldn't let me login!!! SO ANNOYING. HELP.


I have had this app for a day now and I haven’t been able to test it at all. I made a facebook account just for this app and the profile screen just stayed blank? Every time I tried to reload the app I would have to complete the “survey” once again just to run into the same problems.

Not letting me do anything.

It keeps telling me to connect to WiFi but I am. And I keep trying to reconnect. I literally can’t do anything on this app.

I WAS excited.

Downloaded it paid and now all it says is that my internet connection isn’t working. Yet here I am posting a review. 😞

Fix it please

I feel like this would be a great app just by looking at the overviews and that I would really Enjoy it but I cant never seem to get it to work. Every time I try to start a program it keeps saying I don’t have connection and every time I open the app it makes me fill out all the info all over. Every. Single. Time. All my other Apps that require internet seem to work fine except this one. Please see what’s wrong so I can enjoy this

No connection

No matter what I do, the app will not allow me to sign in or view anything at all. Only says “there was a problem, try again” and “no connection.” My internet is working perfectly fine, and I have LTE when not connected to WiFi.


Every time I open the app apparently it would lose connection...I tried both WiFi and my Cellular Data. Definitely not my phone but definitely the app. Pretty disappointed:(


I love the work outs and the concepts, but it keeps logging me out, and when I try to log back in it gives me an “error” screen. this will continue for a few days at a time before it allows me to log back in. Wish i didn’t spend $45 on this if i can’t even use it.

Difficulties getting the exercises

I just started using it, for about 2 days now and for some reason now it wont allow me to open a keeps saying that i’ve lost connection but all my other apps are openning just fine. Its quite frustrating. Also, when i first started using it it askedfor my information and showed me all the thigs i can do with the app if i subcribe but i dont see any of that stuff. All i see is the three tabs at the bottom, one for workouts, meals, and profile but no progress chart and things it said i would get. And it keeps asking me to log all my information all over again. Annoying! Also, when i downloaded the app it didnt give me an option to select a subscription type, so im trying out this app for free for a week, actually, i wanted to hold off on that because i wanted to get some things figured out before i started. So now im wasting that free trial and if i dont cancel the subscription, i will be charged $49.99 or something like that when i didnt choose that plan nor was i given the chance to start the free trial when i was ready. Anyway, i think the workouts are great, the meals they have are cool too but it doesnt give you any nutritional information. I think this app has potential for improvement. PS as i mentioned above, for some reason i cant see any of the workouts or start one because it says that it lost connection. All my other apps and browser open up fine and work perfectly. Its just this app that keeps doing that. Additionally, i keep having to log in my information every time i open the app. can someone please fix the problem? Its getting in the way of my free trial.

Didn’t work.

Downloaded the app, paid the $9.99 for the month and it won’t connect to the internet.

Don’t download, no refunds.

I tried the free trial and decided I didn’t like the app. So I deleted it, I was charged the $10 for the next month since I forgot to cancel my subscription. I noticed the charge as soon as it was taken out of my account and contacted iTunes for a refund, but apparently you can’t even get refunded the money for this app. Don’t download it, it’s not worth it.

Silly app

Workouts are WAY too easy and will not actually do anything for me. FYI you can and should cancel the subscription immediately after choosing the free trial, it will still give you the trial time without renewing


This app is a complete money trap DO NOT DOWNLOAD

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