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So... I was excited and looking forward to a healthier, new fit me. After one successful day on the app, I was ready for the second day. However the next day, I learned that I cannot continue my workouts unless I pay. I was extremely disappointed because I could not get my desired body without money. All I wanted was a perfect workout app that I could excel on.


i was really excited to use this app every morning and night. the second day i got on though, it wouldn’t let me get to my workout u til i paid. i didn’t like that you can’t use it unless you pay. i’m trying to workout and i don’t have much money so i was really disappointed

What the actual

So I saw this app being advertised on snapchat. Didn’t see a price, didn’t ask me to confirm the billing just went on and installed. Then I start seeing reviews about having to pay money after three days(I skipped over the trial) and being charged anyway with no way to cancel. I hurried up and downloaded the free trial then went and cancelled it and deleted the app so I don’t have to worry about it anymore. If you guys still charge me, I am going to lose my Jesus!! Terrible

Won’t cancel!! Set up!!!

This is a set up! It won’t let me cancel my subscription and I just don’t think it is worth the $10 a month.


Completely uninterested in this app. Sorry, a 3 day trial period? $10 a month is a dumb, have people pay by workouts and maybe this will workout. Look elsewhere for help people!


I was excited when I got this app and did the first day of exercises. When I came back the second day it wanted me to pay $10! Each month! That’s too expensive. Unfortunate, because the exercises worked great for me.


How do I cancel a membership

So far so good!

So far I love this app! It is so easy to follow and The workouts are not excessively long!! I think the only thing I would suggest would be maybe a grocery list for each week for the meals it has? That would be very helpful! ❤️


This so far is an awesome app! I can tell this will help me get in shape. FINALLY!! Hey umm how do I cancel my member ship or whatever


if this app is stealing people’s money a law enforcement agency needs to be contacted .

It claims to be free

So it says it’s free. And it’s a 28 day challenge. In order to do day two of any of the workouts they want you to start a $10/a month membership... which is what you get at a gym...

Better me

Day 1 this was pretty good. I wish I could see my progress.


I love this app. It does NOT cost money for me so far... i’ve has it and been using it for 3 days and though it’s given me and option for a $10 plan, i can still get exercises and meals for my problem areas just fine. Definitely would recommend. so... got it on new phone and it started only letting me use one day. perhaps my old one had a glitch? good app, too pricey.

way to pricy

this app would be so great if the didn’t charge you $10 a month, it’s ridiculous you can do all these same workout on cosmopolitan for FREE!


How do I unsubscribe

no good

bad app


This app offer little to nothing for $10 a month and I tried to cancel my free trial before I was charged and it would not cancel and I was charged the money. They make it nearly impossible to cancel membership to where I had to cancel my card.


They say you get a FREE 3 day trial and you have to cancel before so you won’t get charged the 9.99/month subscription. That’s a lie regardless they still charge you. I canceled on the 2nd day knowing i didn’t need the app because I wasn’t using it. They kept sending me notifications so I was reminded to cancel the app. TO CANCEL APP GO TO SETTING CLICK ON YOUR NAME then You go to Apple store and itunes hit your email and click on view Apple ID. All your subs. Will come out. I’m just upset that they still Charge even though they say it’s a FREE 3 day trial! Idk how Apple allows scammers like this! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP DO NOT BELIEVE THE “FREE” 3 DAY TRIAL YOU WILL GET CHARGED REGARDLESS!!!!

Not worth a penny

This app charged my card. Smfh and I only had it fews Days .


How the heck do you cancel this subscription I click on the subscription area of app and no where does it allow me to cancel.I read the directions on other reviews but did not work. Please help


Great computer simulation of the exercises and techniques. A bit too pricey for me

Good app

Just got this app and have used it for about 3 days. It’s a little pricey but well see if the results will be worth it!

Great but...

It’s great but after your first day doing a category it makes you pay $9.99 per month. But if you want to pay that it’s totally worth getting!!

How can I cancel?

Hello I’m having trouble canceling the subscription with better me. Who can help? I’ve tried finding it directly on the app but I don’t see a cancel option. Thank you.


After paying the monthly subscription, the app failed to acknowledge that and doesn’t function. Nothing loads or opens after I paid for the subscription.

Just started

I wanted to give it a try, but it won’t even let me put my birthday in right. My birthday is July 31, but it just keeps saying there is only 30 days in that month. It’s kind of annoying.


Subscription payment came out yesterday and the app is not working today at all. Won’t show me the meal plan or the workouts


I started 4 days ago but i have a problem the app doesn’t work today it’s giving me that i don’t have connection and i do premium monthly !!


I loved the three day trial. But that was it! I decided to go ahead and pay the $10 to try the rest of the month and it keeps giving me a message saying "lost connection" when all of my other apps work perfectly fine. The day that I start giving them my money the app crashes. Go figure. I did figure out how to unsubscribe (no thanks to the directions they give) ** you will have to go under 'settings' >>'iTunes and app store' and click on your Apple ID. There you can manage your subscriptions and get rid of it forever!!!!!


Paid for the app, used it for 2 days, and liked it. However, the app no longer works, after I’ve paid for it. I can’t get into the workout part of the app without an “error”. It’s ridiculous !!


I made a profile through my Facebook like it ask and every time I try to log in it keeps saying “oops” ! I can’t even use the app


The first two days were nice, but suddenly it’s having “connectivity issues” (whereas none of my other apps or devices are having that issue). 🤷🏽‍♀️ nice while it lasted.

3 day free trial

Only a 3 day free trial. Doesn't give you Time to try it out... they could at least make some Of the app free, so it could be somewhat useful..... deleting the app.

Stopped working

Loved the app at first even decided to go premium bc I loved the layout of it and the plans it offered. Once I signed up to premium the app stopped working. Stopped my subscription. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.

gimmick crap

If you dont pay for plan the free application will not work!!!

Stole my money

I never bought this app and it has taken $42 from me. DONT GET IT. I just figured out what the problem was. Super upset. 000000000 stars


I looked back on the previous reviews and found where to cancel the free trial, but I had no option after clicking “subscription” it only showed “common questions”


This app will not allow me to cancel my subscription

This app is trash

All they want is to take your money the moment you simply want to explore and learn about the app

No way to cancel!!!

This app is a scam, customer support does not respond and there is no way to cancel subscription . This app should be reported. They are stealing from many people and making it impossible for people to cancel. If negative stars was an option I would select ITunes needs to do something about this !!!!


I just started the workouts so I am excited to see how it goes! They are very specific to the areas and show you how to get it done. The dietary section could use some work as it is not very specific. The pricing could also use some work as $10/month seems a bit excessive but other than that I am excited for this app!

I can’t seem to cancel!

I tried the free trial and now I can’t find anywhere to cancel the subscription! I’m trying to cancel before I get charged because it’s just not worth the money for me!

Cancel subscription

I would like to cancel my subscription but there is not option for it. I went to setting and there is nothing for me to click to cancel, all it shows it the type of account I have. Please cancel my account it shouldn’t be this difficult to do this

Pretty good

I cannot relate to the people complaining about the 3 day trial. Instead of clicking something when it asks you do you want the trial, just click the x in the corner and you don’t have to worry about it.


doesn’t give enough information about how to get rid of your subscription to the app. so i got charged.

Great workouts! Not so great diet plans

I LOVE the workout plans and the interface format. However, I am not the biggest fan of the diet plan, as it lacks a calorie/nutrient intake list and on multiple occasions the recipe does not even match the ingredient list, let alone the name of the recipe (please see anything with cottage cheese). I also really wish that there was an option to switch out a meal for another equal nutrient/calorie option in case of allergies to ingredients in the recommended meal. Altogether, I love the plans and feel successful when I finish a day in my plan, but look forward to some big changes in the future of this app.

I liked it

The program is pretty easy to follow, I liked the different techniques used to make healthier meals and snacks!! Im only canceling because the program is something I'm already doing and its no sense in paying for it.. My only issue was trying to cancel, why was so hard? I had to google it.. As a courtesy to your customers you guys should help make that easier.. just a thought!! @hilduchis21... (Google) how to cancel an App Store subscription on iPhone By "Good Good Girlfriend


Needs to be more updated


Do not download. It is IMPOSSIBLE to cancel. I am down $42 as of now because two months later I still can’t figure out how to cancel my subscriptions. I’ve deleted the app followed the instructions and tried to unsubscribe to autopay as they tell you to and still nothing. Emailed over a month ago their help support with NO response.


Will this charge me if I removed the app? Because I know longer use it. I want to know if it’ll charge me or not. I don’t want to be charged

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