BetterMe: Weight Loss Workouts App Reviews

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Not free

You have to pay for this app. Don’t bother downloading unless you are okay with purchasing a subscription to it.


It honestly seems/looks like and overall well working app. But seeing as I just downloaded it and I can even connect to my Facebook through the app. I can’t personalize it. I can’t log into Facebook no matter what I do! And instead of redirecting to Facebook and pressing the allow button, it’s making me log in. And when I put in my info, and press log in. It just wipes the screen away and I have to re log in. So it’s getting pretty frustrating!


Don’t advertise your dumb app to me if you’re going to make me pay... definitely not putting my card info in for a free trial. It isn’t worth it. I’ve read the other reviews. Also, the price options were ridiculous. Get real.


I like the app but after you do day one of a workout on day two it will ask for you to pay $10 a month and I just want a workout app the is all the way free but other wise good app


I had to lower the rating because you have to pay for a membership, you can’t use the app without paying

Have to pay

I did my first work out and was super happy with it and then when I got to day two it said I had to pay. You must complete each day to see the next set of exercises. Waste of my time.

Looks good but can’t cancel

I tried to cancel and I can’t figure out how to and it charged me $44

Don’t download

I thought this was a good app at first, but I was planning on cancelling after the trial period. The day of I go and come to realize that they had already charged me...and they auto selected me for the 6 month $41.99 premium subscription! That’s ridiculous! I want my $45.61 back! If it were the $9.99 1 month I probably would have let this go, but I can’t afford to lose almost $50. DON’T DOWNLOAD.

Do not download

I did not subscribe to anything I just downloaded the app and it took money off of my card.


I was very excited to start this app and become more active. After the first day I was looking forward to continuing the workouts that I started. Then the next day rolls around and I see that I need to pay for a subscription to continue with the workouts. I'm very disappointed because I was so excited to commit to this. I wish you would only have to pay for any other special features. But just to see the workouts? A bit unfair.

Have to use FB for profile.

Where am I able to create an account without Facebook? There’s no clear place on the app. Super frustrating! App would have 5 starts beyond this.

Was charged full price before even starting the 7-day free trial. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

I want to know why I was charged the 41.99 subscription. About 15 min ago I selected the 6-month subscription with the 7-day free trial but my credit card wAs charged for the 6 months. I reported a problem through Apple They aren’t refunding it. Please refund my money. I haven’t even started the 7 day free trial. Sent from my iPhone


I tried to cancel this the same day and I am continuing to be charged! Ridiculous


Took money out my account and didn’t even ask me which panned I wanted they gave me the highest plan

44 dollars charged without my permission

didn’t send me a notice OR ANYTHING that the trial period was ending just f*cking charged me, screw this stupid scam of an app their workouts really aren’t that great anyways. refund me my 44 and I will change my review but this is just RIDICULOUS

Pretty good app

I love the app, but I think that it should be available office because I don't always have WiFi to be able to do this.


great app, i just wish it would show easier variations of some of the pilates type exercises. or give hints as to how to not do it incorrectly and put strain in other areas of the body.

It’s ok

Not bad. For premium it’s pricy. They should really lower the price. I’d never get premium, I’ll stick to what I’ve got now. It’s not great but also not bad.


I downloaded the app after seeing it on instagram just to see how it worked then that exact same day I downloaded I deleted it and never thought about it or used it again .. now I see my bank report and saw I was charged $44 for downloading an app I didn’t use and they automatically charged me a 6 month subscription


The app won’t allow me to cancel




I purchased subscription for $9.99 they took $41.99 off my card and they don’t give refunds for a mistake on their behalf!!!!! Will seek further assistance to get my money back I wanted to use this app but to take money is a scam!!!!


How do I cancel it?


How do you cancel this app before the free trail is up?

Great workouts!

I love the personalized, zone-focused workouts. What could make it better? Being able to sync this app with FitBit!

Charging money for no reason

i tried a free trial then deleted the app thinking it would automatically cancel the trial but it did not and got charged to my mothers credit card. i’m trying to re download the app to cancel but there was an issue with the billing information and now there is no way to cancel the payment.


Better instructions on how to cancel trial membership!!! How do you cancel???

Canceling membership

I cannot seem to find the option to cancel my membership. There is no ‘Contact Us’ option. Please advise.

Great ap

I love the ap but I noticed a glitch in the day 3 workout for slim legs and but. They only had reps for the right side and not the left. Not a big deal. Just thought I’d point it out.


The worst app ever!!!! I downloaded this app for FREE and after a couple days it AUTOMATICALLY WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE CHARGED ME $44.77. After being upset and calling apple support to reimburse me the money, they told me there’s nothing they can do. Moral of the story DO NOT DOWNLOAD IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE CHARGED.

What a scam.

They will automatically sign you up for the 41.99 six month trial after your free trial. Apple has told me this fee is non refundable for an app I have not interest in continuing to use. If you want to tone it’s great. But it’s not for weight loss.

Can’t Turn off subscription

The app was really helpful but it’s almost impossible to turn off the subscriptions. I enjoyed the workouts and the plans, i just don’t need the app anymore and I’m being billed constantly.


Y'all are a rip off. If you go one day over the stupid automatic trial then a 6 month subscription?!!! Super sleazy. Corporate sleazeballs run this. Sorry NOT sorry for this. Sure, workouts provided, gee, THANKS.


Be careful in getting this app. I dowloaded and started the free trial to see if I would like it. Well, I didn’t and so I deleted it. Little did I know they keep your information and subscribe you after your free trial is up. I now have a 45 charge to my iTunes account. 😡

Check yourself

Really $10 a month... no thank you not worth. And to not be able to do more than 2 workouts before HAVING to pay.. ridiculous, how is this supposed to help people at this price you’re asking too much for a trendy app that realistically does not work. UNIMPRESSED

For men

Hagan uno para hombres


It’s free to download the app but without purchasing the subscription you only get access to the first days workout


You charged my card the 40 something dollars to your subscription without letting me select which one I wanted and AFTER I deleted the app. That was rent money. I’d like to know who I can reach to get my money back.


Why would a dev ever make an app that is labeled AND advertised as free, when there is NO free features whatsoever. The subscriptions don’t even offer much


They just automatically signed me up for a 6 month membership that I didn’t agree to I want a refund


I went to check the app to see when I would need to cancel by if I did not like the app. There’s no option to do so! So, regardless if I like the app or not, I am stuck with paying? That doesn’t make me want to keep it! Emailed and no response. What a scam!


I hate this app and will never use it. Keep searching there are many better apps! Mostly for beginners but still look elsewhere! It’s just weak as far as moves and overall set up. I workout harder just going on about my day. If you are really overweight like 100+ maybe it’s a good place to start but if you already have a fit body and routine that works this isn’t even a warm up! You tube has so much better workouts and there are better apps for motivation.

Fix the Diet Portion

The workouts are awesome and I like that the app shows you how to do the workout as you are doing it. I also like how it tells you how many calories you burned at the end of each workout. The workouts are targeted towards specific problem areas so you can tailor your workouts to your needs. However, the diet part of this app needs a lot of help. There is no way to put food preferences in to avoid seeing those recipes (ex I don’t like quinoa or beef liver). Also, not all the recipes match. The directions will be for something other than the recipe or ingredient list. The ingredient list doesn’t always tell you how much of something you are including in that recipe (ex 1 piece cottage cheese - what does that mean?). Calorie counts per meal are not included. I would expect this from a free app but not one for $10 a month. I’m on my free trial right now and I’m not sure I want to pay for this unless it was fixed. I see other people leaving similar reviews back in December and it’s now June. Please developers: fix the app! It’s a great start so tweak the diet part to match the thoughtfulness of the exercise part! :)

JayPuffy Speaks

Amazing app😌

Can’t cancel!

So I got this app then deleted it, but it’s still charging me $11.03 monthly! I can’t figure out how to cancel!!!

Pricey but I like it

I was confused when I purchased the app about payment. I thought I was actually buying the app but it seems it’s subscription based. A lot just for a subscription to an app. But I have to say I do love it. I’ve stuck to the BetterMe Program longer than I have any gym membership. I’m loyal to it the workouts and I love that it gives you recipes for healthy meals. So many hours wasted googling recipes for healthy meals. Well, here they are. Great app, just wish I could purchase.

Cancelling “free” trial very difficult

You only have a short amount of time to trial the app before you’re charged the $40+ for a premium subscription. My trial is up in two days and I still can’t figure out how to cancel the subscription. I’m sure a lot of people have lost money this way. As for the app itself, the workouts are very nice and meal plans also, just didn’t think it was worth the subscription


At first when I logged into the app it said I could purchase a lifetime subscription for $41. I started my free $7 trial and I can not find it now. Is there any way I can still do that?

How do I cancel a subscription?

Having trouble canceling my account


BetterMe is a really good app for people who want to work out but not go to the gym and it’s fun...

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