BetterMe: Weight Loss Workouts App Reviews

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How do I cancel?

How am I supposed to cancel my subscription or turn off automatic renewal on an iPhone?

Need to cancel

I am trying to cancel my subscription and can’t find the place to do it in the app settings. How can I cancel?

Better than a gym membership!

It’s giving you recipes to fit you diet rather you eat clean, regular, vegan, whatever! The workouts are consistent and for every part of your body. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!


i downloaded this app a few weeks ago and deleted it the same day, it just wasnt what i was going to use and thats fine. until i looked at my bank account and they charged me $41.99!!!!! i do not recommend this app!


I feel that they need to allow it where you don’t need a subscription and your just aloud it do it! I feel they just want money money money when they need to lay off some



Not a fan

Was not impressed and can’t figure out how to cancel my subscription


They automatically renew your subscription for $42 for 6 months.. so pricey and I don’t like the app. If your going to renew a subscription don’t make it so expensive... and remind your customers. Makes a really bad impression on the makers of this app.

False advertising

You say a true 7day trial. If you do take that you do not get the best price. Keep in mind you do not get refunds from Apple. Google play gives you 24 hours to look at the app. No such luck with Apple App Store. You cannot expect me to risk $59 on an app I have a look at. One month Subscription is 9+ dollars or 19+ dollars do you have both options. what a load of crap that is. I would’ve been more than happy to get that year membership at the better price I will not pay over nine dollars a month for this app. it’s simply is not worth it you can get HD Video apps for 6+ dollars a month. Your app is not in that league. It is sad I had to cancel before the trial end. I hope you change this trial policy and allow people to try the app and still get the best deal if they’re willing to pay more once

Deceptive sign up

I like the app and I felt tricked into a 6 month automatic sign up following the free trial. I never had an option of choosing a time frame. I just got billed for $41 for a 6 Month subscription.

Randomly charged

I signed up for the free trial and it charged $41.99 to my account for a 6 month trial!

Cancelled subscription and was charged

Downloaded the app and realized I did not like the set up so I cancelled my account and deleted the app within the hour and I’ve been charged for it. What is your customer service number, I am not able to find it


They say you can cancel your subscription during your free trial, BUT i can’t seem to find the cancellation button in the settings. It’s not intuitive. I’ve written feedback comments to cancel and received no feedback. I’m not a happy customer.


I think I’ll just stick with not eating

It’s just not worth $60 for the premium membership

Personal opinion: I expected much more from the app when decided to purchase the premium membership but I was disappointed. Neither the workout and the diet can be customized. The app consists of seven 28-day programs for several body parts, with a programmed diet and that’s about it. I would value the app more if it has customized functions, such as plug-in my favorite food choice (then suggest a recipe based on that) or choose the types of exercises that fit me (so I don’t get frustrated).


Good app at first, but after I completed the day one exercises, the next day it says I couldn’t do the day 2 exercises, even tho it was unlocked, unless I paid. This app said it was a free easy way to lose weight. Lies.

Best app for workouts!

I first tried the free trial then I got the 6 month subscription and it’s definitely worth it! Especially if you are a college student or don’t feel like paying for a gym membership or would rather do at home workouts!

Subscription I didn’t want

I guess I must have put my information in but now I don’t know how to cancel the subscription and I don’t want it charging $41 to my card every month, I need help.

Do not like.

I download the app to try it out, I am not interested in it and would like to cancel my membership before it charges my account, and they’re is no where in the app that will allow me to do that. I’ve contacted the support twice and no response. I do not want to get charged for a app that said free trial and I did not like. Update I have now contacted this company over 4 times and still no response at all. My free trial ends tomorrow then I will be charged because the app has no cancellation.

Cancellation doesnt work!!!!

It says that you can cancel the subscription but it’s not giving me the option to do it. I am still in the trial phase and I better not get charged for premium! This app is broken and you need to fix it

The only one star I’ve ever given

Just spent 45 minutes trying to figure out how to cancel and/or remove auto pay for this app. I still don’t know how to do it. It feels like this was done intentionally to trick folks out of $$$. Please contact me, I want to cancel.


I am very confused at what this actually costs and I can’t figure out how to cancel it. I was charged $42 because my 7 day trial was up. Is that $42 a month or is that for the next six months? I was under the impression it was $10 a month? Can someone please tell me what I am paying for and how I can unsubscribe if I decide to, thanks!

No way to cancel

I tried to look for a place to cancel my subscription and it’s nowhere to be found. Now it’s too late and they’ve taken my money again. It feels like a scam to steal your money. I want my subscription ended and I don’t like there’s nothing communicated in how to do it. Please explain this.

Stupid App

I don't have Facebook so I cant make a profile. Keeps resetting my progress. Frustrating. Also super laggy.


How do you cancel a trial subscription I find where I see what subscription I have and details on the canceling period but no where of where I go into to cancel.


I fell in love with this app when I first downloaded it! It is very easy to use. The only problem I’m having now is that it won’t open up anymore. I paid for the subscription and now the app won’t work. Please help

App is crashing

I was really excited to work out tonight. Nothing is loading. When it finally does, it keeps asking me to put in my info and make a new profile. Lots of glitching going on tonight. It even told me that I lost connection. However, all of my other apps are working just fine. I love this app, but I’m just wondering why it has suddenly stopped working?? Please help


My program resets every three days. I haven’t gotten past day3 of flat tummy. It resets and I have to put in my info again. Glitch ? Or is it just me?


It keeps loading but nothing happens 🙄


I downloaded the app and got everything set up. Now whenever I get back on, it makes me do everything all over again and I can’t access any of the workout plans.

Wish I Could Use It

This app seems like a good idea, very motivating for a lot of folks out there. I downloaded app to try it out, but when I opened it the screen just showed “Welcome to Better Me” and a loading symbol. It sat loading for two minutes before I gave up on it. I even tried to refresh, nothing worked! If it would load I think I’d love Better Me!

What’s going on?

I was unable to cancel the free trial and was charged for the year-subscription fee. However, I am unable to sign in to use the app. Do you guys have a number I can use to rectify this situation ?


I thought this app was cool until it won’t open now and I have no idea how to cancel it. I don’t want to be charged at the end of my 7 day trial for an app that won’t open. Can someone please tell me how to prevent my card from being charged and how I can cancel this app? Again, it won’t even open.

Never loads

It worked the first day but is not loading at all now keeps crashing


Downloaded this app in June and then uninstalled because it was a Subscription based app then over a month later I get charged 41 dollars and the app isn’t even installed on my phone


Ok so I loveee the app but the diet is grossssss for breakfast pumpkin seed with cheese?!!! So plz FIX IT

I like it

I do like this many good features but how do you cancel the subscription I look all over?

Fast and Effective

Like the workout plans. Quick and easy! I love the meal plan as well. Would really like a way to export the grocery list I need for the week though.

Misleading free trial

I signed up just to check it out and see if it was something I was interested in. It would not allow me to cancel from the app. I’ve now been charged for something I don’t want. I had actually deleted it from my phone.


It would be soo nice if it would connect with the activity in my iwatch. Im not all into the food aspect of this app, i like the workouts but thats it. Get it on my iwatch plz

Love it!

I highly recommend this app! I used to have a gym membership and eventually I really slacked off and stopped going. I cancelled my membership and was looking for ways to work out at home. This app is perfect!! It has light workouts and meal suggestions to stay fit. I use it every other day and I have already lost weight and shaped my body.

Took my money

I deleted this app a while ago and recently got it back and i deleted it again the same day I re downloaded . They charged me 41.99 for something i didn’t authorize I want my money back . They charged me without I knowing about it .


I’m pretty annoyed with the fact that I tried the 7day trial, and instead of charging me monthly subscription after, it decided to charge me for the full 6 month program, which isn’t okay. The second thing I have an issue with is that it “says” it charged my card and I’m a part of the subscription, but it in fact has not AND it will not allow me to cancel it either or take it off iTunes. I’m not happy, nor do I even want this app on my phone but unfortunately I’m forced to have it for 6 months as I unknowingly paid for it.


I cancelled my auto subscription and they still took money from my account !!!!!! Someone better contact me !!! This is ridiculous !!!!

Good app

I just started out with this app and so far I like it. I’m a beginner and the workouts are pretty easy. I’ve been seeing a lot of bad reviews on this app but I really like it. It’s different for everyone so if you’re looking at reviews you should get the app and see if it’s a good fit for you!

Cancellation is too hard to navigate

Please cancel my subscription. You say repeatedly that you can cancel anytime but there is no way to cancel.


I was trying it for free, and it was so terrible I completely forgot about it. I didn’t even remember I had it until I saw my account had been charged ~$40

Charged my account $40!

I did NOT Authorize a purchase from this app and it charged my account 40 DOLLARS! I need my money back. I can’t afford spending $40 on an app! Give me some contact info ASAP. I need a refund.

Auto renewal

When you try to cancel it tells you to go to the app and enter account settings where t only allows you to upgrade. I’ve been trying for an hour now and nothing works 🤬

Not Impressed

I signed up for the 7 day free trial, but after seeing the content I am not impressed. Especially for how much it costs after the 7 days. I could just google all of these workouts. There’s also a few free apps with the similar workouts I’ve seen. What’s frustrating is there is no cancel subscription button anywhere. It should not be that difficult to cancel. I’ve emailed someone and haven’t heard back yet, so I’ll update this review with how good the customer support ends up being. Overall there are better apps for way cheaper out there.

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