BetterMe: Weight Loss Workouts App Reviews

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Worst app ever


Ok app but maybe not worth buying yet

The workouts are fine although I would prefer a beep when timer starts or ends in the event I am not looking. Also the meals are nice but I would like a way to access and switch out recipes and create a shopping list. There have been a few recipes that are mixed up or incomplete. On its way to a nice app just needs a few tweaks. Probably not worth 10/month.


I was not satisfied with the free trial so I decided to cancel and I was still charged the app charge!!!

They kept charging me after I cancelled my free trial beware!!

I downloaded the app and after two days I decided it was not for me. I am a member of both LA fitness and 24hour and go to the gym about 5 days a week. I consider myself a pretty athletic, fit person and thought the app may help me change my workout routine. After the two days I cancelled my “free trial”. Days later, I noticed that I was getting charged 10 dollars every month. I couldn’t figure out what was charging me and after talking to my bank I was advised to get a new card which I did and the charges stopped. I truly believed that someone had gotten my card Information! Then I put my new card’s info on my iTunes account and the monthly charges started again. It wasn’t until after I spoke to iTunes customer service that I found out I was paying for an app I didn’t even have on my phone anymore. I’m honestly very upset and would like to get my money back!! I’ve been charged over 40 dollars.


The app charged me for a 6 month subscription without my approval! When trying to get in contact with customer service to resort the issue I was given the run around. Their was on actually person that I could speak with and I am still waiting on some sort of correspondence to resolve this issue. I am highly disappointed.


This app is horrible. If you forget to cancel a week free trial it charges you 42 dollars and it is not refundable. I repeat don’t download unless u want to be livid.

Don’t waste your time and money

This app is a scam! I’ve used other workout apps and this one by far is the biggest joke I’ve experienced thus far! The workouts are lame and the interface itself is horrible to navigate through. Not to mention, you basically sign your card over to the app before really even getting the chance to see if you like it or not. So now I’m out $40 and nothing to show for it. Tried to figure out through the app how to cancel the subscription but it seems basically impossible. This was a horrible experience!

Very unsatisfied

I downloaded this app and used it once. Maybe twice and then uninstalled from my phone. Today I was charged $45.45 to my bank account (my fault for not unsubscribing but that was an honest mistake) I don’t want the service and don’t feel like it’s fair that I was charged for 6 months if I’m not even going to use the service. I contacted them by email more then once and have still not received a response. Customer service is slow. And sloppy.


They offer you 3 days free to try out this app but it is so difficult to cancel your subscription! I’ve been trying for 4 days now! They already charged 9.99. I looked through previous reviews and the link they give you to cancel subscription doesn’t even work!!! Do not download this app!

Great App

This app is AMAZING! Very simple exercises designed to fit your needs. Highly personable and accommodating to whatever your schedule may be! Everyone can spare 15 minutes. If you have 15 minutes - get ready to be fit! 🙌

f***ing scam

DO NOT! I REPEAT DO NOT DOWNLOAD! They’ll charge you 41 dollars after the “free trial” without notification of choice to decline subscription. I was charge unawarely for 41 dollars and have send FIVE messages to their support team both through their email and through Facebook and have not heard back. They will scam you out of money. Not worth it. There are plenty of more credible and affordable apps to help you with at-home work out.

Challenge Exercises

It’s a great workout to start especially off really having real hard work days and coming home late. I love it and it’s really working ‼️😉‼️

Not useful for me

Deleted app shortly after downloading it and I got charged $40 for 6 months. Please refund me!

Not free

Would be nice if it said that the app cost. No where in the description does it say that it will cost until after you download the app. There is a 7 day free trial but after that there are charges

Cancelling is difficult.

How do you cancel? It says to go into settings but I’ve been searching for 30min and can not figure it out. They make it easy to sign up for trial and then EXTREMELY difficult to cancel. Typical.

🙏❤️ Thanks

❤️it it’s easy fast and don’t need a gym that’s what I love ❤️ 🙏

Only using for workout

I have a vegan meal plan app but I believe this is beneficial for toning and stretching


This app was downloaded by accident onto my phone and I was unable to get a refund for it. Unfortunately the app was also $50 and upon trying to use it, I was not impressed. Only giving 1 star because I have to in order to write a review. (:

How to cancel

I need to know exactly how to cancel this? I’ve been trying to find out for 3 days and have now been charged a45 dollar unwanted fee for an app I didn’t want to keep after the trial. I feel like I’ve been tricked out of my money and I want it back.


I have to spend $42 on this? I don’t think so.


Love you guys


I want to cancel but i don’t see no option to do it

Great app

Great work outs!! 👍🏻

Diet plan.

There needs to be more diet plan options. Specifically Keto in my case. A food log and progress bar would be great too. And no, I don’t want to try other diet types I am following a certain diet plan :/ terrible solution developer.

Zero stars

If I could I would give this app ZERO STARS! I just downloaded this app and took a peek. Haven’t touched anything at all. Well it charged me a 41.99 fee to upgrade it when I didn’t even do anything? Seriously ? Do not download unless you want to be charged for just simply having it ....

Can’t cancel

This app may be alright, but no one is responding to my multiple requests to cancel my free trial so I won’t be charged for a continued subscription.

Can not cancel auto renewal

Tried to find cancel subscription and it is not anywhere. I do not want to purchase this. To support response. I did all that and the cancel subscription is not there. Again, please cancel my subscription. It should not be this difficult.

Unknowingly charged

I downloaded the app not knowing you had to pay for a subscription. Tried it out but wasn’t too into it and I deleted it. I was unknowingly charged $42 and didn’t even place any card information in so I’m not sure how I was charged. If you aren’t looking to pay for a subscription don’t download or they’ll charge you without your knowledge

Monthly Payments?

This app looks very useful. It’s customizable for your problem areas. You put all your information problem areas, height, weight, and preferable foods. You can customize your meals for vegetarian, gluten-free, and more. And they also give you a custom weight and diet plan. Sadly, I just don’t have the money to pay six dollars a month for this app, or $60 for one time purchase. But if I did I would recommend it 10 out of 10.

Charged me after i deleted the app!!

I have a charge to 41.99 how can i cancel this?? I deleted the app a while ago, i don't even remember putting my card in this !

Unhappy : want to end subscription

Got in by mistake. There doesn't seem to be a way to unsubscribe. I get the feeling this was done purposefully Hope someone is reading this and can help. I never submitted a credit card so I'm a bit confused. Please advise.

Grocery List needed

I think adding a grocery list would be very helpful... for food prep. I think it’s a great app.

Great app if you are committed

I was not terribly please with the diet provided within the app, but I LOVE THE WORKOUTS! If you don’t like to workout or are not committed, then this app might not be for you. I love that it goes through 4 levels of intensity in each category of workout and builds you up to the highest level. I have been using this app for 10 days and have seen wonderful improvement in my strength already. I also like that there are a variety of exercises for each workout category.

Not worth it

When I got this app I expected it to be slightly cheaper, and easy to cancel. Which it is not so I have now been charged and canceling it seems impossible because you cannot do it on the app and I cannot access it through iTunes. The workouts are also simple enough you can google them and google better meal plans. Fitbit is worth the investment but this app is not.

Love, but diet portion needs help

Love the workout portion of this app! It’s pretty awesome! However, the diet portion is the only issue I have with this app. I need to be able to view the diet given to me prior to the day I am supposed to eat it. I’m not understanding why each day is locked to view? I can’t succeed at losing weight without knowing what I need to buy at the grocery store. Please fix this part! Allow people to view ingredients needed for the week so these items can be purchased weekly. Thank you!

Feedback 😀😀

This is definitely something I would pay for with some minor menu adjustments. I’m not a vegetarian but am allergic to most seafood and fish so I would like to be able to eliminate that or have a place for allergies. It would be handy to have a clickable grocery list so I could print and buy the items needed for the weekly meal plan.


I would like to cancel this subscription and have not been able to for the past 3 days that I’ve been attempting. Please advise....or just cancel.

Great for anti-gym goers like me!

I am an active person, but I don’t like the gym. I’d rather hit the trails or water for my daily activity, but of course that’s not reasonable for a working professional, so there’s Better Me. I find this convenient and easy to get in some exercise during busy weekdays. I do all the workouts for the specific day for a decent circuit training. Because I’m only using the workouts and none of the other features, I’m really reconsidering the $10/month price tag. First week of using and I’m enjoying so far.


Makes it impossible to try to cancel. And even after I canceled I was still charged


I signed up for a 7-day trial with the understanding that once that was up, I would be charged $9.99 on a month to month basis, which was fine with me. This gave me time to test the app and see if I liked it. However, I see today that I wasn’t charged a monthly fee, I was charged a six-month fee of $41.99. I understand that this was my error, but in checking, I have been told that I cannot change my subscription to a month to month fee or receive any kind of refund. I am now stuck paying much more for something that I am not even sure will be of any value. Again, I understand my responsibility in this, but I discovered this on the first day of my new six-month subscription, and still no one is willing to help. Just wanted to let everyone know in advance to carefully read anything that is received from Better Me in order to avoid making my mistake.


I would give zero stars if I could. I wanted to try the app out one time without paying for premium. I was automatically charged and i messaged support to help me out 3 times before they got back to me months later and said they canceled my account. Fast forward 6 months, I found out my account was never cancelled and I’ve been charged $10 every month since trying the app one time.

Subscription Fee Scam

Someone on my plan downloaded the app and after the 3-day free trial it automatically withdrew the subscription fee from ALL FOUR of our cards (even though not one of us even opened the app after downloading it.) Automatic withdrawal without a notice should not be an option. ~~!!!An automatic subscription after the 3-day free trial without any notification at all seems like a scam to me!!!~~ I already unsubscribed from the Apple-store subscription. Glad I caught it after the first month so I won’t be cheated out of more money.

Free trial scam

I was going to sign up for the 7 days free trial to check it out it said after would be $6.99 I was fine with that, then when I went to purchase it it was having me sign up for $41.99 after the fee 7 days!

Cancel subscription

I am trying to cancel my subscription and it tells me to go to settings, but when I go to settings it does NOT give me an option to cancel. Can you please help

Great app but needs a grocery list feature

I think this is a really doable and easy to follow system. However, the food section needs to be better equipped with a printable grocery list for the week. I think users will have an easier and more productive experience using the app.


I’m wanting to know how I can cancel the perception? Not that I dislike the app I just would like to know how to do it when I no longer use the app. Thanks!

They don’t make it easy to cancel!



I don’t like this app. It was cool and all, so I decided to subscribe for more. I unsubscribed because it was taking money out my account twice a month. Tell me why I unsubscribed and it’s still taking money out my account. Fix your app.


Ok so I loveee the app but the diet is grossssss for breakfast pumpkin seed with cheese?!!! So plz FIX IT

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